Cancer And It Prevention
Cancer And It Prevention

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells in the body divide uncontrollable and destroy body tissue. These abnormal cells are termed cancer cells, malignant cell, or tumor cells.

These cells can penetrate normal body tissues. Cancer is the general name given to a large group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells, proliferation (that is rapid reproduction by cell division), metastasis (that is spread or transfer of cells from one organ or part to another not directly connected).
Cancer is not confined to humans only, animals and other living organisms can be infected by cancer too.  

There are many types of cancer of which I will list and take time to discuss some common ones with you.

Some types of cancer are:

1. Lung cancer
2. Ovarian cancer
3. Pancreatic cancer
4. Valvular cancer
5. Spinal cord cancer
6. Thyroid cancer
7. Penile cancer
9. Skin cancer
10. Prostate cancer
11. Testicular cancer
12. Uterine cancer
13. Brain cancer
14. Breast cancer
15. Colon cancer
16. Liver cancer
17. Bladder cancer
18. Cervical cancer e.t.c

1. Breast cancer: It's cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts. It occurs in women and rarely in men. Some risk factors and etiology are early menarches, late menopause, high fat diet, hormonal contraceptive use. Some signs and symptoms of breast cancer include a contender lump which is usually found in the upper outer quadrant, axillary lymphadenopathy, pains, and fixed nodular breast mass.

2. Liver cancer: It is cancer that begins in the cells of the liver. This cancer occurs when a malignant tumor starts in or on the liver. It can be caused by hepatitis B infection, chronic liver disease, anabolic steroid use, and long-term androgen therapy. Some signs and symptoms are recent weight loss, weakness, fatigue, hepatomegaly, jaundice, ascites, and liver mass detected on palpation.

3. Lung cancer: As the name implies, this cancer affects only the lung of the individual and most often occurs in people who smoke.
Some causes of lung cancer include smoking, exposure to certain toxins, and family history. 
Signs and symptoms of lung cancer are persistent coughs, hemoptysis, dyspnea, chest pain, weight loss and fatigue, recurrent pleural effusion, or pneumonia.

4. Prostate cancer: Cancer in a man's prostate, a small Walnut-sized gland that produces seminal fluid. Frequent urination can be a symptom of prostate enlargement and urinary tract infection. Some etiology and risk factors of prostate cancer are age, family history, alcohol intake, fat intake, exposure to fertilizer, and occupation in the tire and rubber industry. Some of the things individuals suffering from prostate cancer will notice are hematuria, a hard fixed nodule.

5. Skin cancer: Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. It is an abnormal growth of skin cells. Skin cancer normally develops in areas that are exposed to the sun. Some signs and symptoms are large, flat, darkly, a pigmented area with irregular margins and scattered black margin, small elevated, multicolored nodules with irregular markings.

6. Thyroid cancer: This is a cancer of the thyroid (the butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck ). The cause of thyroid cancer may involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Thyroid cancer is associated with exposure to external head and neck irradiation. Some signs and symptoms are respiratory distress, the sensation of a lump in the throat, palpable, hard, painless nodule in the thyroid.

Things you need to know about cancer.

* Cancer is not a disease of affluence.
A lot of people think cancer is for rich people but you are wrong. The reality is that 70% of cancer cases worldwide occur in low and middle-income nations, thereby posing enormous public health and economic burdens.

* Tobacco is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer.
You need to know that tobacco is bad and very dangerous for your health. It causes 22% of all cancer deaths worldwide.

* Cancers can be prevented.
You might be wondering how, but the truth is that 30% of cancers are preventable through not using tobacco, having a healthy and balanced diet, Limiting intake of alcohol, being physically active.

* Early detection saves money and lives.
Early detection and early access to treatment are very important. Breast, cervical and colorectal cancers for example can be cured if found and treated in the early stage and are also less costly to treat at that stage. So early treatment can prevent lost of life.