Eight Tips to Save Successfully

Saving money is a lot like dieting. It is often difficult to stick to it. Having a chance to get there is also a bit like dieting, and you should not deprive yourself too much. Instead, adopt new habits which, little by little, will pay off. And which, for some of them, should even save you money!

·         Be aware of your expenses

To correct a bad habit, whatever it is, you first need to be aware of your mistake. Make sure you write down all your expenses for a month, for example. Somehow, it seems that this simple exercise encourages savings by its tedious side - the more you spend, the more you have to note - on the one hand, and on the other hand, when it is time to record an expense, its uselessness could well be for you. You can hope to reduce your costs by almost 10%.

·         Give your credit card a vacation

Today, it is effortless to take out your bank card for the slightest expense. And that inevitably leads to buying superfluous things. However, once your necessary fees have been well identified through the previous exercise, you can easily estimate a weekly budget. You will then decide to withdraw each week, the corresponding amount, and then leave your bank card in a drawer. To be brought out only in the event of a necessary expense.

·         Beware of impulse purchases

Ending your impulse to buying frenzy is a great way to save some money. In our consumer society, it's hard to resist the appeal of advertising, promotions, and the urge to have the same trendy smartphone as your neighbor. But then, if you can, you will reduce your spending significantly.

So the next time you spot a gorgeous sweater in the shop window, don't go in. Admire it from the outside and go your way. If it still makes you want it the next day, there will always be time to buy it. But not without making sure that you don't already have 20 sweaters in your wardrobe!

·         Hunt down food waste

Another effective way to save money is to avoid food waste. It seems that a household throws away, on average, 700 bucks of food per year. To avoid this trap, don't go to the supermarket when you are hungry. You will save yourself from temptations. But above all, plan your menus and assess the necessary quantities of each food as carefully as possible.

·         Fix anything you might be tempted to throw away

A sock with holes? Rather than buying back a pair, why not take the time to mend them. Or pair it with another orphan sock. If they stay hidden in your shoes, your mismatched socks won't even show.

And you could also learn how to repair your bike for free by going to a mechanic workshop.

·         Never miss an opportunity

When considering a purchase, think about the second-hand market, a car, for example. Usually, a vehicle loses some 25% of its value in its first year of service. But also for all the other objects of your daily life. On garage sales, one can easily find children's clothes - in excellent condition. Because children often grow up too fast to have time to ruin their clothes.

·         Give time

To save money, and to still please your loved ones at free time or on the occasion of a birthday, consider volunteering a little of your time. An afternoon of board games for your godchild or a babysitting evening so that your best friend can find her lover, tidying up their cellar for your parents, or even cooking lessons for your grandchildren. There is no shortage of great ideas ... And over a year, the savings can go up to several bucks.

·         Travel at a lower cost

Those who like to discover new horizons know that it is possible to travel without breaking the bank. As for plane or train tickets, it is better to do it in advance. And be flexible about the dates - the ideal when you can afford it, being to opt for a period outside school holidays - or even the destination.