El-Rufai’s Wife seeks rugged Punishment for Rapists - Beehivetalk
Aisha-Ummi Garba El-Rufai, UNFPA Ambassador on Fistula and wife of Governor Nasiru Ahmad El-Rufai of Kaduna state has sought for tougher punishment for rapists. According to her, everyone’s help is required in the fight against rape .

“Unless we get the laws changed on the legal punishment for rape; sexual predators and rape perpetrators will always keep destroying people’s lives without any serious consequences,” she said.

Aisha who is also UNICEF Ambassador for Nutrition & Breastfeeding, and Chairperson KADENAP, said on her social media account that  “Heads have to roll instantly for such monsters to be repelled.”

According to her, “the existing laws are such that each state is autonomous in its dispensation of criminal laws. “We need to begin the unrelenting advocacy and tenacious movement for each state in Nigeria to adopt extremely harsh laws, execution and punishment for rape offenders.”

 “It might be difficult and slow for us to get 2/3rds of the National Assembly to vote for and pass these appropriately severe punishments into law. “Even if this happens, it remains the independent right of each state to either adopt or ignore the bill if passed – at their own pace and convenience.”

“But I am hopeful that the father in every Governor, the parent in every law maker and policy influencer will support and help us protect our girls, boys and women from rapes and brutal violations.”

“Everyone and anyone who can help; we can collectively put in all efforts and pursue this tenaciously until something gives – please reach out to us as soon as possible and join us on our already started talks & actions on how to tackle and stop rape tragedies in our societies.”