Healthy Ageing Challenge

You will agree with me that everyone wants to get to old age, everyone wants to see their children and even greatgrandchildren. One thing is to live to old age and another is to have healthy ageing. In other, for you to have healthy ageing there are pitfalls you must avoid. You should understand the challenge. Now is the right time to start preparing for old age because you can't shy away from it.
According to the  National Council on Ageing, about 92 percent of older people have at least one chronic disease. Ageing brings unique health issues and it's very important for you to understand the challenges faced by people as they go old.

What is Healthy Ageing?

It is the process of developing the functional ability that enables well being in older age.

Sicknesses of Old people 

Some health problems face by age people are:
1. Difficulties with vision.
2. Weakness, tiredness, and eating habits.
3. Chronic cough.
4. Loss of sleep.
5. Cirrhosis of the liver.
6. Deafness.
7. Heart diseases.
8. Memory loss.
9. Gallbladder problems.
10. Stoke ( Cerebro-vascular accident CVA) etc.

Many of the health problems of middle and old age results from the way they have lived and what they ate, drank, and smoked when younger. Your chances for living healthy are greater if you: 
1. Eat well 
2. Avoid taking a lot of alcoholic drinks.
3. Avoid smoking.
4. Keep physically and mentally active.
5. Get enough rest and sleep 
6. Learn to relax and deal positively with things that worry or upset you.