How 5G will change the world


With the invention of the most anticipated fifth Generations (5G) wireless network, the world would look smarter than ever, thanks to the brains behind the super wireless network. the technology is faster, low latency, and smarter than the 4G network.

The Ultra-high-speed network is a breakthrough in connectivity that will operate at higher frequencies and shorter range than the 4G. 5G will affect our lives than expected, it will make a virtual meeting more successful and live video streaming a reality, it will help on games where hundreds of cameras can work together giving the viewer a better view and even on virtual workers. 


The use of the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence for exponential data sharing is suited for 5G technology. Itis largely deployed I the manufacturing sector, as well as being used in the transportation sector. Smart home devices such as lights, the air conditioner, ànd others with sensors that monitor occupancy signals.  

“5G will have the highest impact in providing connectivity for industrial automation, self-droving vehicles, remote healthcare, and smart grids," says professor Branka Vucetic from the University of Sydney. 

Can self-driving vehicles become a reality? Yes, with the 5G driverless cars to become fully autonomous, and it'll halt human error which causes accident and also minimize congestion. 

Have we thought about self-driving vehicles? or industrial connectivity with a wireless connection? Or remote healthcare? Or street lights working with sensors and more? 


5G will influence health care, the patient does not have to make a long trip to the doctor's office, with 5G patients can make calls to the doctor and enable virtual meeting without any connections challenging. Health care providers can also implant medical devices that will capture a patient's vitals and transmits them to a health care center, allowing the detection of life-threatening diseases. 


The lack of latency also makes healthcare optimized. A surgeon can operate on a patient from another part of the world. industry equipment can also be operated from another part of the world. 


In early 2020 a Chinese PLA General Hospital conducted surgery on a patient suffering from Parkinson's disease using 5G-based remote surgery with deep brain stimulation (DBS) implants with the help of a China Mobile and Huawei 5G technology. The surgery was done 3,000 kilometers away from where the patient was lying as reported by a Chinese daily.

Smart Cities will prevail more with 5G, the street lights and gunshot detection sensors will reduce crimes. 5G will enable cities to control data from millions more IoT devices and install low-powered sensors that work for a long duration without needing a replacement for years. This will enhance the ability to intelligently Mana are quality, power usage, traffic, and more. 


I made mentioned industrial connectivity earlier, where warehouse equipment will be optimized, what we refer to as Warehouse equipment are things like robots, truck unloaders, and conveyor belts. With 5G there will be Zero latency, high bandwidth, and No cables which enable Warehouse equipment to work without relying on tethered communication cables. 


This will be complete industrial digitization where operators can operate equipment from another part of the world. I think it's awesome. 5G will give the entire world access to high-speed internet. 


There are fears about job cuts,  there'll be job cuts because robots will take over the industries leaving little jobs for humans to do. 

Have we think about the issues raised by some that are in total disagreement with the 5G. Many believe that the Fifth Generation network can cause numerous health damaged and it's unbiblical especially here in Africa.  


But the International Commission on NonIonizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) says "will help put people at ease" about 5G technologies. ICNIRP newly changed the previous guidelines to provide improved protection for 5G technologies that use frequencies above 6GHz.