Jokes: state and capital

I was sitting inside the house on a Saturday afternoon watching an interesting movie when PHCN with their wahala took light. So I became so bored and decided to call my neighbor's daughter who is in primary 2 to keep me company. 

Vio : Chisom
Chisom:  Yes aunty
Vio: Come and recite state and capital for me.
Chisom: Abba, aunty this one is too simple na, you couldn't even say countries and their capital sef.....  ok oh let me recite it;

Abia              -  who am I
Adamawa    -  loyal 
Akwa Ibom  -  You know
Anambra      -  Your car 
Bauchi            -  Cow cheap
Bayelsa        -  No  yanga
Benue           -  My cousin
Borno            -  My deal go real 
Delta             -  Asanwa
Edo               -   Benin sitting
Enugu          -  A new groon
Imo              -  Old way rain Cross river  -  Call her back
Ebonyi         - I buy kulikuli
 Ekiti            - I dey kiti