Like the saying goes " too much of everything is bad". In life it is necessary to avoid doing things excessively, it is good to eat right? but when one eats too much it has its own effect on the individual, you will agree with me that taking water is good but when it is taken in excess, the individual will tend to urinate frequently and have a filled stomach ( not been able to take in much food). Even the Bible says it " let your moderation be made know unto all men the Lord is at hand". 

I guess you might also be wondering what it is, well home remedy is a simple prepared medication or tonic often of unproven effectiveness administered without prescription or professional supervision.
People use home remedies for a variety of reasons like  
* Fighting cancer.
* Losing weight.
* Increasing sex drive.
* Reducing symptoms of illnesses
* Autoimmune disorders.
* C.V. A 
* Fever etc 
But have you come to think of it, some of these home remedies can cause more harm than good.

Some diseases are treated using home remedies while others can be treated better with modern medicines. This is true for most serious infections. Sicknesses like pneumonia, tetanus, typhoid, tuberculosis, appendicitis, diseases caused by sexual contact, and fever after childbirth should be treated with modern medicines asap.
Because a lot of people use a home cure does not mean it works well or it is safe for you to take. It is safer to treat very serious illnesses with modern medicines.

One, the home remedy recommended by your friend or one of the many websites promoting natural therapies may not work for you.
Two, it could make you sicker or even kill you. Never you take remedies that use animal or Human waste, they do no good and can cause dangerous infections, and don't forget that some medicinal herbs are very poisonous if taken more than the recommended dose. For this reason, it is often safer to use modern medicine since the dosage is easier to control.