MAPLI issues 21 days ultimatum to herdsmen in South-South

The Leadership Of The Mangrove People Leadership Initiative, MAPLI (Voice Of The South-South), the apex pan social-cultural grassroots-based organization in the South-South, on Friday, 21st May 202, held a 1-day South-South Grassroot Conference in Yanagoa, Bayelsa state, with the theme: The Unity Of The South-South In The Face Of Insecurity And Threat.

In a statement released in a communique issued at the end of a one-day south-south grass-root conference in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State and signed by Chief Dick K. L. Harry, President General, MAPLI.

"We the leaders, elders and people of South-South Nigeria, hereby declared as follows: 

1) That all the herdsmen operating in the South-South are hereby giving 21 days ultimatum to leave the whole of the South-South region with effect from Saturday 22nd May, 2021, or face the wrath of the people of the South-South. Consequently, if at the end of the 21 days ultimatum, any live cow belonging to the herdsmen is seen in any part of the South-South region, it shall be arrested and quarantined without any further delay.

2) That on the issue of security threat on the lives of our rural farmers and fishermen due to the recent influx of the Almageris and some strange faces of able bodied men packaged and posted daily to the various parts of the South-South region through some cargo trucks from the various states of the North. We hereby declared all of them persona-nongrata. Therefore, if you see any of them in your community in any parts of the South-South, please, do the needful to them for your safety. In view of the above, all village heads, Community leaders, local government council chairmen etc, are hereby advised to urgently form their community security and vigilante groups to monitor, police and safe-guard all our forest and bushes including the mangrove areas and fish out any strange faces in the form of Almageris, herdsmen and Miyetti Allah members and give to them that which they deserve without any negotiation.


3) We hereby declared also that, the people of the South-South region will be ready to pay any price to fight against any attempt for open-grazing in any part of the Land of the South-South. This means that, the South-South people says “NO to RUGA” and our No is No. Therefore, the federal government should better do the needful.


4) We declared that as a people and as a region, we will not allow or accept any protest by any person or group of persons whose reasons for their protest is anti South-South. By this declaration, we are saying that who so ever that want to do any protest should go to Abuja or start it and end it in their own region and not to come to disturb the peace of the South-South people over what we don’t bargain for.


5) Finally, we declared that as a people and as a regional voice, we sincerely appreciate the resilience and doggedness of the six (6) governors of the South-South for their spirited joint efforts in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. In view of the above, we are also using this medium to appeal to the governors of the six state of the South-South to also redouble their collective efforts to fight against insecurity in the South-South as their social contract and responsibility to the South-South people. Consequently, we are appealing to the governors of the South-South to go back to their drawing board for the reactivation and restructuring of the existing laws to enforce the proposed long awaited BRACED security outfit of the South-South as the time to lunch our own security outfit is now, consequent upon the  that the federal government has grossly failed in the protection of the lives of her citizenry."