My Husband Sister

My sister in law discount other peoples opinion, especially mine, and lauds her opinion as to the final word on any subject whether she has any background or information on it. She also demands that the rest of the family do what she wants or raises on the emotional ruckus.

This has been ongoing all the 40 years we have been married. Although my husband and I had plans to attend a performance, she still demanded that my husband pick her up at the airport and drive her 40miles to her home. He already made the same trip earlier in the week.

Although she has two grown children in the area with cars (not to mention the availability of public transportation), she only wants my husband to drive her, she is financially well off and has a husband who travels a lot so, her flights are free. My husband says, " She is my  sister", so he needs to take care of her.
What is your say on this issue?