Payoneer payment the alternative for Paypal Payment


Do you want to receive payment from Utest, Testbird, and other freelancers companies and you are discouraged by Paypal nor receiving payment policy on your country.


It's discouraging because I have been in your shoes before, I remembered when I registered with a company and did a job happily but could not get my money. It's a painful, very bad experience of not getting paid.


I was devastated, working without being paid, I had a PayPal account and I wrote them severely but the kept on saying one thing.


But all that changed when I got a Payoneer account, I was able to collect my money from a Switzerland freelancer company.


Don’t ask how?


It's very simple and easy with Payoneer

Do you know the Payoneer account has so many international banks link to it, I remember vividly when the Switzerland company requested for my Paypal account and Paypal does not pay money to Country, I have to contact Payoneer and I was made to understand that my account has a Europen Bank account?


I felt relieved after days of worried, I log in my account and copied my Europen Bank account and submitted it. That was all, my money was credited into my Payoneer and  I withdraw it to my local bank. No stress.



I wish I knew Payoneer early, my first online payment won't have lost.


Payoneer is supported worldwide


•        Payoneer is License and Regulated as an MSB in the US

•        Payoneer is E-money license in the EU

•        Payoneer is Licensed MSO in Hong Kong

•        Payoneer is Registered as a MSB in Japan





Your moany is secured with Payoneer so what are you waiting for, Create a foreign account and get $25 BONUS.

It's easy and quick for your oversea transaction.  You will access your funds with ease and withdraw funds to your bank account and/or at ATMs worldwide.





You can work Directly with your Clients and provide your clients with local USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD & CNY accounts and get paid as easily as having a local bank account!


You can bill your clients via Payoneer, they offer simple and secure ways to pay online.


I work Marketplaces & Networks


Connect your Payoneer account with Upwork, Amazon Airbnb, Fiverr, gettyimages, wish, and much more, today!


You can get paid by creating your account today.