The safest and most reliable online payment processors for e-commerce 2020

The time of payment is one of the most feared by eCommerce, because it is a substantial barrier for many people, and that is why it is essential to have secure and reliable payment processors. There are hundreds of options today on the Internet, but not all alternatives offer merchants and users the same reliability, nor the same facilities in the collection or payment process. If you want to maximize your conversions and customer loyalty, as well as your benefits, discover the best solutions that the market offers. 

Ecommerce at its best

Without a doubt, 2020 already promised from the beginning that it would be a year where online purchases grew significantly. Coronaviruses and quarantines worldwide have further accelerated this trend. Physical transactions have been minimized, and the demand for online products and services is growing.

Therefore, it makes sense for companies to take advantage of the occasion to digitalize themselves to the maximum and optimize their online processes. To do this, various e-commerce services allow us to maximize the experience of potential buyers and achieve a higher return on investment.

Payments, in any case, are one of the issues that generate the most doubts, as they are of vital importance. It would be useless to have the right marketing agency that would get you a lot of traffic to your online store if after those visits they do not become customers because customers do not trust the payment system or it looks unsafe.

Faced with the difficult challenge of choosing the best payment platform to process your clients' payments, keep in mind that they are easy to use, value their commissions and be especially careful when confirming whether they are safe and reliable.


Heir to of Elon Musk himself, although currently not owned by him, PayPal is undoubtedly one of the most popular and consolidated payment processors on the market. It operates in more than 200 countries and supports up to 26 currencies, and the fact of having been active since 1998 has accumulated thousands of clients around the world.

One of its strengths is the fact that many buyers already have PayPal, so it is worthwhile for your online store to accept this form of payment to increase the chances that users will buy from you. On the other hand, it has a good set of highly intuitive commercial tools that anyone without technical knowledge can configure and use.

Another good point in favour of PayPal is that it allows you to issue invoices and organize them, with a professional generator that is easy to use. Thus, if your company charges for products or services through PayPal, you can carry the concept of business invoicing with great clarity and comfort. It also has a statistical data panel that allows you to quickly view the history of transactions, in terms of expenses and income carried out with the payment processor.


Another of the best online payment gateways is Stripe, with the advantage of being highly customizable and allowing payments by credit, debit, and even cryptocurrency. Many e-commerce prefers Stripe because it integrates seamlessly with the site using a robust API. Of course, it is not for beginners, because you need a minimum of JavaScript knowledge to integrate payment in the online store.

Keep in mind that Stripe is a payment processor of a different nature than PayPal, since it is not a form of payment per se, but instead acts as a payment gateway, as the traditional POS. Stripe connects directly with the bank or is perfectly integrated with payment with Bitcoin, Apple Pay, or Android Pay, among other options.

Amazon Pay

Amazon doesn't like to lose. We know that and the sales giant has proven it, fighting to become the cinema giant, and now also an excellent payment platform. Well, no doubt taking advantage of its reputation will be a point of trust for your clients that will attract them to your business. 

Jeff Bezos' big world store couldn't be left behind in creating his way to process payments. Amazon Pay has a web and mobile solution, in addition to being compatible with Alexa, and it integrates with any e-commerce.

One of the advantages of Amazon Pay is that it generates reliability. It has maximum security in terms of anti-fraud control and data protection. Besides, the popularity of the brand can significantly help your e-commerce transmit psychological safety to users.

At the same time, the fact that a potential customer already has an Amazon account means that they do not have to use their card details to buy in your e-commerce, since they will only have to access their account frequently. This dramatically facilitates conversions, helping online sales. Integrating it with your website is easily customizable thanks to the fact that it is based on API, so just by adding a free plugin, you would have everything done. Masterly! And the best? It is available on all devices, and its responsiveness is one of the fastest on the network.


Google Pay

Another form of payment among the most popular is the one offered by Google, without a doubt, a good quality seal with that feature of reliability that the brand always provides users. This solution has as its strong point the conversion rate that it offers to online stores, reinforced with the advantages of working with Google's intuitive interface that users are more than used to.

It is not surprising that Google, as in other of its many online solutions, does not charge any commission for accepting payments with Google Pay, neither to the companies nor to the customer. Besides, the platform has loyalty programs specially designed to promote sales and engagement of buyers in its partners' online store.

Apple pay

Apple's payment platform could not be missing either, although it should be noted that it starts from the basis of the usual restriction of all the brand's software. It would be best if you worked with a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Also, there are specific outdated iOS models that don't even support Apple Pay.

Although when Apple Pay started in 2014, it was only available in the United States, in recent years it has been incorporated into different countries around the world. However, it has not yet reached Latin America.


If you want a secure payment platform that allows you to fully integrate with your site, without even noticing that an external provider is making the gateway, WePay will delight you. It has extensive customization through its API, which requires programming knowledge to configure it.

An interesting point of WePay is that it allows automated payments, for example, to raise crowdfunding funds. Besides, it stands out for its user-friendliness, and it will enable a wide range of payment options.


Another major competitor to PayPal or Stripe is Adyen, one of the most secure and reliable online payment processors, as well as being very intuitive and affordable. It is the platform that eBay chose to replace PayPal in its day. It is also used by other large companies such as Microsoft, Spotify, or Uber. Adyen allows payments in more than 150 currencies and works in hundreds of countries, with more than 250 payment methods available from its software.

This payment processor saves bank details in a completely encrypted and secure way, which is very useful because it simplifies payment for recurring buyers. They also have an integrated risk management tool that examines data to identify and combat fraud cases.


Among the top options of the most secure and reliable online payment processors in 2020, Worldpay could not be missing. It has the great advantage that it is very flexible accepting all types of currencies, including payment by PayPal, in addition to being able to pay online and offline.

This platform is useful for companies of all kinds, the size of sen. It offers the option of a monthly payment, automated invoices, card updates, live support, customizable loyalty cards, etc. Features you didn't even know you needed, but when you get to know them, you can't live without them. 

However, the major disadvantage of this platform is its unavailability in some countries. However, it harbours most of the world's giant e-commerce users such as Argentina, the USA, the UK, Germany, and the likes. 


Now you know some of the safest and most reliable payment processors, and the advantages each one offers. There are more intuitive but less customizable solutions for merchants and others that require more technical complexity but are much more adaptable and configurable. On the other hand, they also move in different price ranges and have availability in certain countries and currencies.

The key is to find the payment processor that best suits the current needs of your business and your profile. At the same time, it is about maximizing the security of your site, without causing friction for users so that they have a smooth and pleasant shopping experience, which motivates them to buy until the end.